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Let the tale of Danville project you 200 years into the past.

Danville, more than 200 years of history

As early as 1801, Canton of Shipton was put on the map. The first major village of the sector was named Danville by its inhabitants of the time. The city of Danville inherits its name due to its loyal inhabitants who originally from Danville in Vermont, New England. It quickly became the centre for major commercial industrialism.

Even with its major contribution in the commercial sector, Danville was only officially recognized in 1860.

One can enjoy the surrounding grounds of Danville while enjoying a leisurely bike ride. You can discover the secret hideaways, rare flowers and the luxurious landscapes tucked away in the city of Danville. By taking a relaxing walk through the streets of Danville you can explore the town and the treasures within each specialized boutiques.

While driving around, you can discover by route of four different paths, which will lead to Tingwick, in the valley of Saint-Cyr, in Saint-Félix de Kingsey or at Asbestos.

In 2006, Danville was selected as one of the first villages in the province of Québec.




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